Biljana Birač

Dear Participants,

Greetings from Penn State, Pennsylvania. I am the head of service for European Union programs and projects at the Ministry of Science and Education in Zagreb, Croatia. I have also worked on the development and implementation of the Croatian Qualifications Framework with particular focus on higher education. During the Humphrey fellowship year, my plan was to focus on issues related to policy analysis, strategy implementation, quality assurance in higher education, and online study programs.

Up to now, I can only confirm that I am experiencing all those transformative situations I have heard about from former Humphrey Fellows. I am at the top place to learn about higher education, strategy implementation and learning outcomes assessment. I am working on projects related to strategic planning and learning outcomes assessment with colleagues from the Penn State Office for planning and assessment. The atmosphere around me is extremely enabling and I am trying to make the most of all the opportunities that come along my way. 

I am very happy to see the high level of engagement of the Humphrey alumni in their respective countries and I look forward to joining this enthusiastic team. 

I wish you all a very successful conference! 

Biljana Birac 

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