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The Institute for the Development of Education (IDE) is happy to be able to support the organization of the alumni conference and networking event in Zagreb to honor the 40th anniversary of the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program. IDE is a Croatian non-governmental organization that contributes to the development of higher education policy, provides expert support to institutions, connects domestic and international experts and enables individuals in Croatia and Southeast Europe to achieve their educational goals. IDE is based in Zagreb and since its launch in 1999, it has succeeded in consolidating its position as the leading Croatian NGO in the field of higher education. IDE currently employs nine staff members who are higher education policy experts, educational advisors and project managers. You can find out more about IDE at: www.iro.hr. IDE is an authorized EducationUSA advising center in Croatia supported by the State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb. The center offers a full range of advising services on studying in the U.S., scholarships options and standardized testing, hosts its own scholarship web page and organizes 5 educational fairs per year. The Higher Education and Scholarships Fair is the largest fair of its kind in Croatia and takes place in Zadar, Zagreb and Rijeka every year in April and October. Zagreb is also a stop on the EducationUSA Southeastern Europe Tour in April and EducationUSA LLM Fair in November, which bring U.S. universities to Croatia and gather students and professionals interested in studying in the U.S. The EducationUSA center in Croatia is staffed by skilled advisers who are experienced in advising on study and financial aid opportunities at U.S. higher education institutions.

IDE is working closely with alumni from various U.S. Government funded programs and supports them in their project initiatives. In November 2017 in Zagreb IDE organized a two-day celebratory event in honor of the 25th Anniversary of the Fulbright program in Croatia for 237 alumni and attendees. The event consisted of a celebratory conference & reception (fulBRIGHT.future.25 SALON) and a one-day professional development seminar for higher education professionals‎ in the field of internationalization and quality assurance (fulBRIGHT.future.25 SEMINAR). The event was organized in order to underline the national historical significance of the Fulbright ‎program and its ongoing importance to the internationalization of U.S. and Croatian higher ‎education.

Following the success of the Fulbright25 event, in November 2018 IDE organized another successful alumni networking event under the title “Alumni Engage & Give Back – Annual Networking Event for the U.S. Alumni Community in Croatia”. The event served as a platform for alumni exchange of experience, networking and mutual inspiration. It consisted of a key note speech by a speaker from the U.S. (Ms Audrey Russo), a series of inspirational alumni talks and a panel discussion aimed to inspire alumni and to enhance the concept of alumni engagement and giving back to the community. A total of 152 alumni participated in this event.

The Institute for Development of Education is thrilled to support the alumni conference „Brain Gain in the Balkans: Economic and Development Strategies for a Better Future“ and to welcome H.Humphrey alumni from Croatia and the region in Zagreb. We are looking forward to an engaging conference and exchanging ideas and initiatives with alumni professionals from the region.

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