Mila and Marina, L.A.

I met Marina on a plane to Phoenix when we embarked this incredible adventure called The Hubert Humphrey fellowship. We were so excited, we couldn`t stop talking so when I saw a call for proposal and asked her to make a joint proposal of celebrating the 40th anniversary of the program, of course she said yes! A conference, of course! At that point in time we had enough energy to conquer the world. When we touched base in Phoenix, there was so much we needed to do and worry about. But Marina made sure we don`t miss the proposal deadline. It grew and grew and with immense guidance of dr. Bill Silcock and our “1st lady of the Balkan`s Humphries” Alma Telibecirevic we made it happen.

Humphrey Fellows at ASU, 2017/18
Mila is in the middle of the second raw

We had ups and downs and frankly there were times when I was absolutely sure we weren`t going to pull it off, but at the end we did. Through this project I learned about vision and team work, but most importantly, I learned about not giving up! Thank you LaRita Campbell of the State Department for not giving up on us, and Nancy Overholt and Huma Haque of the Institute of International Education for the enormous support. A big shout out to the Institute for the Development of Education in Zagreb for all their support. 

Mila Moralic
W. Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

I am so proud and honored to welcome all the participants of the regional conference Brain gain in the Balkans: Economic and development strategies for a better future! Looking forward to March 7th.

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