Humphrey Fellow Runs the Most Important Cultural Project in Croatia

Rijeka was awarded the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture 2020 for its programme “The Port of Diversity,” aimed at creating a city of culture and creativity for Europe and the future.

Rijeka is a city with a turbulent past, creating a historical map filled with contradictory, sometimes controversial and bizarre details. Politically influenced by monarchism, fascism and communism, a unique and distinctive multinational, multi-religious and multicultural city has developed. Freedom, tolerance and openness are precisely the features that make Rijeka remarkable in an international context.

The clusters: Water – Work – Migrations together with the term Port, form our city’s narrative and value system. We have prepared an artistic strategy with seven interdependent Flagships which can grow and adapt.

Each flagship is led by collaboration between two or more cultural institutions and independent arts organizations and is conceived as a driving force for a fleet of small and medium scale projects. The overall purpose of our program is reinvention of the city – together with its inhabitants – as a post-industrial city of solidarity and emerging new initiatives, social and cultural models.

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