Fadila Serdarević

Fadila Serdarevic is a medical doctor with extensive training specializing in the areas of evidence-based guideline development, surveillance, neuropsychiatric and disaster epidemiology. Her academic credentials include a M.D. from the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, a MPH from Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, a M.Sc and D.Sc in epidemiology from the Erasmus MC University, Netherlands (NIHES). Her doctoral study at Erasmus MC under the supervision of professor Henning Tiemeier examines the causal relationship between infant neuromotor development and psychiatric effects. Her postdoctoral training at New York University under the supervision of Dr. Akhgar Ghassabian focuses on environmental epidemiology.

Fadila is an alumna of Hubert Humphrey Fellowship in public health, a prestigious and competitive professional Fulbright program and is also a graduate of the Center for Disease Control (CDC)’s special professional Epidemic Intelligence Service program in disease surveillance and outbreak investigation. She has been a long-term consultant with the International Center for Migration, Health and Development (ICMHD) on disaster response and non-communicable disease epidemiology. In addition to being a doctor, researcher, consultant, scholar and student, Fadila is also a seasoned epidemiology and biostatistics lecturer. Fadila is especially interested in further exploring the causal inference methods and her long-term plan is to lead a first chronic PTSD cohort in the Balkans operating out of Sarajevo.

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